CELETRA (CELEbrate Terrestrial RAdio) is focusing on DMR technology after 25 year’s experiences in the cellular and TETRA industry.

In addition to the world class high performance DMR radios, we are working on some valuable technologies, such as indoor positioning, multi-band antenna, radio MESH, and radio gateway (we call it “SMART Radio” or “wifi-DMR” that connects ordinary radios to the iOS/Android devices).

Ever since Marconi invented wireless communications in June 1895, 120 years old radios are now equipped with digital technology and moving a step forward to smarter industry. DMR M2M/IoT is also one of our major concern and we shall keep making a greater effort to realize the cutting-edge technologies.

Here you can find the differentiations of CELETRA DMR and comparison among radio technologies (TETRA, P25 and DMR) : Technology Introduction