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This is a story about how to integrate ordinary smart phone and digital 2-way radio for the user’s convenience of Direct and IMMEDIATE communications characteristics of the 2-way Radio such as DMR, TETRA  and so on.

Apart from previous attempts on docking station type products, CELETRA developed WiFi equipped 2-way radio gateway and  iOS/Android PTT app to enable BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Now, 120 years old long time isolated private radios and 30 years old most capricious cellular industries are truly coupled together to keep privacy and business critical communications that everybody wishes.

  • Maximum utilization of Public and Private Wireless Communications
  • Immediate and direct call connection with lowest latency
  • Voice and data, chatting, call history recording, and LBS services
  • Private Radio Network base M2M/IoT device control console
  • Various applications in convergence with smart phone